Novelaria – A Yarn shop in São Paulo, Brazil

Traveling and visiting yarn shops! What could be better?

When in São Paulo this past month, my cousin Alessandra planned a lovely afternoon visiting a yarn shop, having coffee and shopping for fabrics and books! What a blessed day! And mostly because she is like a sister to me and I miss her dearly, so it was wonderful to spend time with her.

The shop: Novelaria is actually a knit café. There you can have free help with your projects, be inspired by many many skeins of imported yarn and have a good cup of coffee, sandwiches, juices, tea, etc. The owner, Priscila was most kind to come and talk to us, tell us about the shop and the idea behind the concept: she wants Knitters and Crocheters to feel at home, enjoy the craft and the art, make new friends and have the convenience to enjoy a delicious snack when shopping.

If you are planning to go to São Paulo, here is the address:


Rua Mourato Coelho, 678

Vila Madalena, SP 05417-001

tel (011) 3729-7188

image image image

And the coffee is delicious by the way! I supported the yarn shop, as always, by purchasing hand spun and hand dyed yarn from Argentina and Alpaca from Uruguai. Beautiful!


One thought on “Novelaria – A Yarn shop in São Paulo, Brazil

  1. Hello my friend! The shop looked awesome! I’m a little jealous😉.
    I am having a head time with a scarf I am working on. I calls for kniting through the back loop for the rest of the scarf after the foundation row. I’m using my wonderful book Portugese Style of Knitting book p20 and 21 but I just can’t make it work! I don’t know what to do now. Any suggestions besides giving up? Your friend Carol Finley ( newlife453@aol. com)


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