My new Craftsy Class in coming out!

Hello knitters! It been a long time I do not post here because I mostly blog on my website now. However, since I have so many of you subscribed here, I decide to tell you about my new Craftsy class: Knit Faster with Portuguese Style!

If you are not familiar with the Craftsy platform here is some facts for you:

1) Craftsy is the fastest growing crafty community on the web with 5 million members over 200 countries

2) Your online classes never expire

3) As you watch my class you can ask me questions, take virtual notes and use the “30 sec repeat button” which allows you to watch me show you that skill as many times you want to watch!

My class will teach you about the Portuguese Knitting history, all basic skills, increase, decreases, two color knitting with two knitting pins, cables, lace and more!

Please check back soon for a Free Giveaway link for my class!




12 thoughts on “My new Craftsy Class in coming out!

    • Thank you Barbara! I will be teaching at Stitches Texas in September, so I am getting closer to you! This is my blog! We are well, busy as always. How are you?


  1. Andrea is is great to hear from you again! Since I’m retired I have more time to knit! Lol
    Right now I’m working on a lace shawl silk and mohair . How are you doing? Hope to hear from you soon.
    Carol Finley


  2. this is wonderful news!! Craftsy is so awesome- i told them about you a couple years ago, hoping for a collaboration. I’m in many of their classes. I’m so excited you will be on craftsy soon! Yay!


  3. so excited about your Craftsy Class. A dream come true. I can’t wait. When will it be released? I just love Portuguese Knitting.


  4. What will happen with the videos on Icreateflix? They sent us an email saying they will disappear this 31st but I cannot download all your classes I bought it!


    • Dear Rosangela,

      I am glad you asked about this. The release of my Craftsy class has nothing to do with the closing of ICreateflix. This is a company that I surrendered my services to them and they made the decision to close. You have to talk to them about the purchases you have made there. The teachers are not responsible for their decision. However, if you contact me again within a month, I will see if I can offer you a good discount on Craftsy where you can have my class. What classes did you purchase from ICreateflix?


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