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 Noemi’s Baby Bootie

Size: Newborn to 3 months


Materials: One skein of Panda Wool

(Crystal Palace Yarns – 46% Bamboo,

43% Wool and 11% nylon). Needle

Size US #1.


Gauge: 8 sts/inch


How to make it: Using long tail cast on, cast on 60 sts. Purl 10 ridges of garter stitch or 20 rows.

Row 21: Purl 34 sts, Purl two stitches together, turn work.

Row 22: Slip first stitch as to knit, purl 8 stitches, ssk.

Row 23: Slip first stitch as to purl, purl 8 stitches, purl 2 sts together, turn:

Repeat rows 22 and 23 9 times more.

Row 41: Slip first stitch as to purl, purl 8 stitches, purl 2 sts together and purl to end;

Row 42: purl to end.

Row 43: Knit

Row 44: Purl

Row 45: K1, *YO, K2 tog* (eyelet row);

Row 46: Purl;

Now *knit 8 rows of Stockinet Stitch and one of eyelet* twice more;

Knit 3 more rows of Stockinet Stitch and bind off all stitches.


Finishing: Fold top of the bootie on the last Eyelet row and sew it in place.

Sew back and sole of bootie. Knit a second one.


30 thoughts on “Free Patterns

  1. Andrea I want to take the calass at the Yarn Garden on Nov 8. I am leaving town tomorrow morning early and want to be sure to hold a spot in your class. I can call Lindsay on Monday morning but don’t want to miss out.


    • Dear Kathleen,

      Yes, please call Lindsey Monday and make arrangements with her since she is organizing it. I am glad you want to come and i see you November 8th then!


  2. Dear Andrea,
    Today is the first time I have heard of the Portuguese way of knitting. I am very interested but as I live in South Africa, where the exchange rate is approximately 8 South African Rand for each US Dollar, it makes the purchase of a DVD very expensive for me as a Senior Citizen. Do you know of any books that one could purchase, and where would one find them? Best wishes, Lesley


    • Dear Lesley,

      I am very sorry for the exchange rate in your country! Life must be very expensive there! Unfortunately I don’t know of any books on the subject: I have been looking for one for years now and since I could not find one, I am writing it. I will certainly let you know when I complete my project.

      Thank you for letting me know and I will be in touch in the future.

      Andrea Wong


  3. Provavelmente voce e brasileira, gostaria de saber se pode ajudar-me … tenho problemas de depressao e gostaria muito de aprender a fazer trico … meu terapeuta me recomendou algum tipo de trabalho manual, e com certeza quero muito o trico.
    Se possivel por favor entre em contato, irei onde for preciso para ter classes.
    Muito obrigada.
    Obs: Meu ingles e terrivel, por isso procuro o metodo em portugues.


    • Querida Sueli,

      Vou adorar ajuda-la se puder. Onde voce mora? Eu moro nos Estados Unidos, mas vou ao Brasil passar ferias. Meu DVD ensina trico muito bem, mas eh em ingles. Voce entende ingles?



  4. left handed. knew to knitting. had to make a pair of socks.
    found you on you tube. thank you ,now i like knitting.
    sock yarn is very hard to work with. sometimes i get
    ladders. i pull really hard on the first two stitches.
    any other way? are you ever in richmond va? die heart knitters haven’t heard of your style. i pass the word along every chance i get. i work at ben franklin and we sell yarn.
    also, how do i know i’m buying good yarn or not. thank you in advance for answering my questions. can’t wait for your book to come out, hope it comes with the dvd.


    • Dear Deby,

      I am glad you had tried this style of knitting and enjoy it! I cannot imagine life with no knitting. I do not have anything scheduled for Richmond VA but I will be glad to come and teach your group Die Heart Knitters. Just let me know.
      When you get the ladders in the sock you can try pulling hard the second stitch on the needle or work one extra stitch each needle in order to rotate stitches. I hope this helps,

      Thank you and let me know if you want me to come and teach,
      Andrea Wong


  5. Hi Andrea! just watched you DVD on socks – great DVD! Unfortunately I didn’t realize you had an earlier DVD on Portugese knitting – so am off to the library to get that DVD too. I have always had a problem with tension and hence have NOT tried knitting – beyond scarfs. A friend convinced me to buy addi-needles (circular needles) – so I have made the investment. Can I use your style of knitting with the circular needles to make socks? Thanks. Bonnie

    PS – Can I use a safety pin to do Portugese knitting?


  6. hi,
    i have been knitting for 39 years and knit everyday. i have 2 of your dvds which are the best. i have been practicing your way of knitting and love it. i have one problem though, i cannot get the tension down, either to loose or to tight, is there anything that would help me with this? i have no problem with tension the way i used to knit.
    love your dvds and cannot wait till your book comes out.
    thank you,


  7. hello this is the first time discovering portugese knitting it looks easy enough I think it would be easy for handicap to learn. I am going to try this techique first before I try and teach my friends it. I have Cerebral Palsy and do believe that it would be very fun to use and learn. I first would like to try it if the knitting pin from your website. and then try it around my neck. I don’t think I have seizures that is part of the Cerebral palsy. thank you for reading this comment.

    Sincerely charlene


  8. Andrea,

    I am learning to knit this way. I had to have the end of my left index finger amputated last year due to an accident. I have found that I like knitting this way. Much easier.

    I put my fiber around my neck with different gauges, it gives me better control and use my pins with heavier gauges.

    Do you recommend getting the needles from Lacis?

    Do you plan any classes in the St. Louis area?

    Thank you


    • Dear Elaine,

      I am so glad you took the time to write me your testimonial! You are the first to mention the control according to gauge. I wish I had an opportunity to come and teach in St. Louis! SO far I do have any invitation, so please let you LYS know about this.
      Keep in touch,



  9. olá fiquei muito feliz em saber que você está nesse ramo, lembra de como bricavamos com a Susi, fazendo roupinhas?
    faziamos trico e crochet juntas!!!
    Eu ainda hoje continuo tricotando muito, tricoto até sem olhar nas agulhas… podemos trocar muitas figurinhas, vc não acha?

    beijão da sua prima que te estima muito…

    saudades saudades saudades.


  10. Please save a book for me, be sure to autograph it, and let me know how much to send you. I am so happy for you. Congratulations and much love.


  11. Pulling tight to avoid ladders — I saw a video the other day (can’t remember!!) that shows to do the first stitch and after inserting needle for second stitch THAT is when to pull tight!!

    Worth a try.


    • Dear Gail,

      You may knit or purl every row when working heel. Just be careful when you have to change to Stockinette St and make sure you have the public side facing. Does that make sense to you?



  12. My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was in elementary school. She was portugese and so as a tribute to her and the joy I have had from knitting all these many years since she taught me English style I would like to learn how to knit in the portugese style. Thanks, Sue


    • Dear Sue,

      That’s what I do: teach people to knit Portuguese Style. How can I help you? Did you visit my website? I have published a book and DVDs on the subject and you could learn from them. Depends where you are in the country, you can check to see if I am teaching there. This would allow me to meet you personally!


    • Thank you Marny! Do you knit this way too? I forgot to mention about the Portuguese Knitters group at Ravelry. There are all kinds of help in that community. My name is Portugueselady.


      • No, I do not knit the Portuguese way – but have thought about trying. My attempts are ‘picking’ instead of ‘throwing’ have also gone awry – my brain and hands seem to have difficulty in changing. However, I like knowing about other methods.


  13. I’m confused, rows 21,22,23. The sts you are knitting don’t add up to the 60 sts total that we’re cast on. Am I missing something, or are there repeats that aren’t noted? Thanks for your help.


    • Dear Diana,

      Rows 21,22, and 23 are short rows, so you do not knit all the stitches. You are suppose to turn and work back, leaving sts unworked at the end of the needle. You are making at that point the top of the booties. Does that help?


  14. Andrea, it was great seeing you again a couple of weeks ago in Sarasota. I love the book it answers a lot of questions that I wa always running to the DVDs for. Now I have it with me in book form. Please let me know when you are back this way again. One more thing the quality of the knitting pins you had as compared to others I have had……THEY are AWESOME!!! These are much sturdier than the earlier ones I had. Thank you so much! Oh I think you made a convert of my friend!
    Hope to see you again. Carol Finley


    • Hi Donna,

      I just use thicker yarn,like a DK weight, and the booties will be bigger for the sizes you want. I hope this helps as I did not write the pattern bigger yet.



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