Knit in Portugal with me! Portuguese Knitting!

I am VERY glad to announce my first knitting trip! We will be going to Portugal, of course! Here are some highlights of the trip as announced today:


Two great relaxing ideas, travel and knitting, come with a remarkable hook on this vacation of a lifetime! Distinguished knitting author Andrea Wong, originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the woman who brought an olde world style of knitting to the worldwide stage with her workshops and her book “Portuguese Style of Knitting.” What could be more perfect than an insider’s look into the fiber arts of Portugal with her?

Our knitting cruise Andrea Wong has teamed up with Claremont Travel, a professional travel firm owned by a niche travel specialist who is a knitter and a jazz musician. Our knitting cruise will allow you to improve your skills while visiting some of the most interesting ports and places in Portugal and Spain, mostly exploring history and fiber work.  Each day you will experience something new. While you are cruising from one amazing port to the next you will have the opportunity to take classes from Andrea and experiment with a very ergonomic style of knitting. We will also shop for unique Portuguese knitted items and visit the famous Arraiolos, where magnificent hand made rugs are made to this day.

All This Is Included(for best discount choose veranda stateroom):

Try to book before January 31, 2016 for the best air.

2 nights at Lisbon’s superior first class Hotel Tivoli Lisboa (or similar)

round trip airfare from major US cities

Worldwide travel insurance

Daily sit and knit with instruction

Welcome basket of accessories, yarn, and a handmade Portuguese souvenir

Special day trip with Andrea to Arraiolos to experience woolen arts

8-day cruise with river-view stateroom

Guided tours with audio headset, and exclusive yarn shopping with Andrea Wong

Most meals: 9 breakfasts, 7 lunches & 7 dinners, featuring regional specialties

Complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with onboard dinner and lunch service

Visit 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Culture Curriculum: Sample some local port wines; enjoy a folkloric music performance; learn about wine-making traditions and Portuguese history; attend a flamenco show

All port charges

Transportation to and from airport

Free Wi-Fi, connection speed may vary

Andrea Wong’s book, The Portuguese Style of Knittingincludes a marvelous travelogue of her own trips to Portugal.
Make your deposit now!
We know you have a choice, and we appreciate the choice you have made to travel with this group in Portugal with the master of Portuguese Knitting, Andrea Wong. This opportunity is designed for your leisurely comfort and safety. Your spouse or travel companion will have so much to do as well! Don’t let this exclusive trip pass you by. Remember, it’s May 19th-28th of 2017. Let the magic happen by making your deposit today.

We expect to book out most of the 50 cabins aboard the Viking Hemming. The reasons are abundant! In anticipation of this group, the knitter and the travel agent will take a river cruise and a trip to Arriolos themselves in a few months. This is how dedicated we are to selling out.

Your deposit is $600 per person, with a $100 non refundable portion. Travel insurance is not included in the price, but highly suggested. It will vary depending on your age but will generally not go higher than $508 per person.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email! Or call 724-318-5299. Claremont Travel is Pittsburgh based and run by Laurie Scheid, an amazing travel agent who has worked for the largest names in travel, sending hundreds of clients around the globe.


4 thoughts on “Knit in Portugal with me! Portuguese Knitting!

  1. Is it really 2017?  And the total cost?  One line says worldwide travel insur included, later it says insur recommended @ approx $500?  That’s high. I would consider this trip with you, because of you, but not 2017.  Can’t plan that far ahead.

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  2. I am the travel planner, hello!

    The timing is very essential. Mrs. Wong can only go during a certain time of year because of her busy schedule. We would all like to emulate her. I’ve seen a lot of “once in a lifetime opportunities,” but never one quite like this. This is a river cruise in Portugal with the master of Portuguese Knitting. Don’t be too late! Once you think about 2017, it is not far away at all.

    This luxurious cruise is designed for your leisurely need to be cozy, comfortable and safe. Yes, it is 2017, and yes, the cost does include travel insurance, but travel insurance is a separate cost. Total cost varies from $6000 per person- $6800 per person, based on two persons sharing a room/stateroom. This will include your airfare, so it is important to know where you are flying from. Pricing includes a 2 night tour/first class hotel of Lisbon and Arrialos, along with an eight day river cruise where we knit together. There are a ton of things to do for spouses.

    River cruises are very popular. They include wonderful staterooms with luxury linens, wonderful service, all meals, wine and beer (if desired…), guided sightseeing, transportation to ports of call, and entertainment. You are pampered from end to end, and you DO experience local flavor and culture. River cruises are booked out far far in advance. It is impossible to plan something this big for a date less than a year away.

    This once in a lifetime trip is a necessary luxury, so please allow me to address your questions. I know how important this choice is, and appreciate your response. I am here to help you as much as you need me, and to explain your risk free deposit.

    Again,Before your friends find out about this,it may be too late!!

    Questions about the trip, from travel insurance to daily itineraries, to frequent flyer points or would like to go business class are essential, and I like to answer them.

    Laurie at Claremont Travel – 724-318-5299


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