Brazil and good Memories

Two weeks ago I was in São Paulo, Brazil, my birth place. I was lucky enough to stay with my cousin and her family, visit my loved ones and meet my friends from college.

You have to understand that my college in Brazil was very different that most colleges here in the USA. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences. Only 20 slots are offered once a year and you have to score high in a unique test to enter any of the federal universities in the State. All Federal and State Universities (the best in the country) in Brasil are free of charge, but only the people that had private education (as public education from kindergarten to 12 grade is not good), have a chance to enter in these Universities. A very unfair system, but I was a luck girl who had very good school and I was a good student.

In 1982 when I entered the Federal University of São Paulo, out of the 20 slots, only 16 were filled. Classes are from Monday through Friday: one class in the morning from 8-12 and another from 2-6 PM. Every day you go to school and they tell you what classes you are going to have and when. On the first year two students dropped, so the 14 left became very good friends as for 4 years we did everything together, including studying for hours and hours after school and on weekends together. We were 10 girls and 4 boys. I was particular close to two girls: Milene and Gladys. As the years went by we kept our friendship, and every time I go home we gert together with your husbands and children.

This visit however was different: I had the idea of meeting just the 3 of us, as it was 29 years ago, and go somewhere. We did! It was great! We felt as if we were 18 years old again and we are as close friends as we were then. How precious is that?

Here are the pictures then (1984) and now (2014):

IMG_0003 IMG_4111


I will post more about this trip as I visited a yarn shop too!


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