Fernando Pessoa

I thought to have a couple of posts on some aspects of the Portuguese culture.  There are so many influences of other cultures on this country that is  871 years old. I will start with a great figure…

Portugal gave to the world a great Poet: Fernando Pessoa (06/1888-11/1935). He used three different ways to express himself using different names. Through them Fernando described life.

1) Ricardo Reis: doctor born in 1887 that emigrated to Brazil;

2) Alberto Caeiro: Portuguese without formal education. He was born is Lisbon but moved to the country side;

3) Alvaro de Campos: a naval engineer born in 1890.

According to the personality Fernando was using, he would have a particular style of composing. He has an Statue in Lisbon (Largo do Chiado) in front of the Brazilian Cafe I had the opportunity to visit (A Brasileira). He use to sit there to write or meet his friends.

To my surprise and our delight he has a poem about sheep!

In 1914 Fernando wrote “The Keeper of Sheep”

I never kept sheep,
But it’s as if I’d done so.
My soul is like a shepherd.
It knows wind and sun
Walking hand in hand with the Seasons

Observing, and following along.

Mostly he reminds me of my classes of Portuguese literature! Only as an adult I can sincerely appreciate his work.


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