Calla Lilly Yarn and Gifts

Last Saturday I had the privilege of teaching a class at Calla Lilly Yarns and Gifts shop in Wooster, OH. They are located in Historic downtown Wooster in a completely renovated building where they have lots of space, beautiful gifts and yarns, of course!

The students were fun, inquisitive and curious about the way I knit.They all have learned and practiced by the end of the day starting a new project to take home. Linda’ magnetic pins were a huge success.

Donna, the shop owner, is also married to a half Chinese husband, Gil, who was there during the class. We had lots to talk about Chinese inheritance, mixed up races, Chinese food in America, etc. One of these days Paul and I, Gil and Donna are planning to get together to have an authentic Chinese dinner.

As you can see in the first picture, it was a little dark. When I arrived in the morning, there was no electrical power! Some transformer blew up in town. But we started class anyway since she has this table sitting close to a huge glass window. Everbody was very flexible and cheerful about it, which made the day go so smooth! We were having such a good time knitting in natural light that the power came back within one hour!

Thank you Donna!

Students from Calla Lilly


3 thoughts on “Calla Lilly Yarn and Gifts

  1. Hi,
    I am so intriged with your Portugese Method.
    Does any one in San Diego Teach your method?
    I’m going to purchase your dvd and books .
    Thanks so much I have carporal tunnel very painful but I really think this method will help and I can keep doing my passion.
    Thank You


    • I am the only one who teaches this class Judi. But if you are buying my DVDs you are going to learn from it. I sell them all over the world and my customers have a very positive feedback about learning the technique from the DVD. In about 45 days I will have my book as well that accompanies the DVDs.


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