Beautiful Magnetic Pins

I have to tell you about this beautiful artistic person who came down from heaven straight into my life: Linda!  In Portuguese “linda” means beautiful. Is that a coincidence?

Linda and I never met personally but thanks to modern technology and all means of communications today our paths came to cross. It has been a blessing! She has designed vintage magnetic pins exclusively for the Portuguese Style of Knitting! They are functional (keep the tension constant), practical (they do not poke your top through) and gorgeous (people do not come to me and ask “What is that funny little thing on your shirt?”).

Just look all she has created! Each knitting pin has a name and a description that goes with the name and the style. Linda works with vintage glass buttons, sometimes one of a kind. That’s why I ask you to contact me by email or phone when you want to place your order. They are selling quicker than I can keep track of.

She also helps me with my Ravelry group as a moderator, managing posts , answering questions and welcoming new people.

I have brought here her pictures to show you how much talent she has. Some of these pins are sold out.

My wish for you today is that you too may come across living angels like linda in your life. They are friends we make for life!



Named after the most wooded county in England, Surrey.  Surrey is a place to go for leisurely outdoor pursuits.  Visitors and locals may make use of many commons, footpaths, and horse trails called “bridleways”.  I picture jaunty riders in red and black trotting their horses down peaceful meandering paths when I see this  42mm czech glass pin.

Named for the area known as the heart of England, Cotswold.  Home of the romantic stone Cotswold cottage and namesake to the Cotswold sheep, a delightful animal with long curly white locks. The vintage silvery white color of this 42mm czech glass pin reminds me of stone cottages and lovely Cotswold wool.

Tiffany gets its name from the 1961 movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audry Hepburn playing the naiive character “Holly Golightly.”  The rich rosy coral tone of the czech glass is eye catching. It reminds me of something she might have worn. 42mm

Kent is called “The Garden of England.”  The Invicta flag of Kent is a stately horse on a rich red background.  This 42mm czech glass pin has the rich red of the Invicta flag and the yellow accents remind me of a dainty garden flower.

Windsor Castle is the largest inhabited castle in the world.  It is found in England and is one of Queen Elizabeth II residences.  It is surrounded by “Home Park” which is comprised of lush green parks and farmland.  This 42mm jadeite look glass button with ruby glass accents looks like the kind of vintage family heirloom one would find tucked in a jewelry box at Windsor Castle.

Tiffany II
The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is a record breaking 287+ carats and was worn by Audry Hepburn for publicity photographs for the classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”  The Tiffany II has a rich golden yellow color with green highlights.  I’d like to think Ms. Hepburn would have gladly posed for a glamorous photo shoot with this lovely 42mm czech glass beauty.

Surrey II
The picturesque rolling hills of Surrey deserved another namesake and so this delightful pin is called Surrey II.  The irridescent soft golden green hue of this 42mm Czech glass pin reminds me of shimmering fields of grass in late summer at sunset.

Miss Marple Miss Marple
Miss Jane Marple is my favorite knitting sleuth who used her observations of village life to solve complex murder mysteries as they were presented to her by author Agatha Christie.  She’d wear a properly buttoned up shirt with a wooly cardigan over it, as she knitted in the victorian manner of holding the needles pencil style.
These charming knitting pins are my favorite and they seemed a fitting tribute to Miss Marple.  Crafted with vintage buttons of various sizes and types including mother of pearl, plastics, glass and other worn and familiar materials. Each are unique and one of a kind made from button treasures I’ve unearthed, and lacy fillagree brass and copper wrappings. They range in size from 28-30mm

Briar Rose
Briar Rose, the lovely young lady known as Sleeping Beauty, pricked her finger on a spindle and fell into a sleep that could only be awakened by true love’s kiss.  This lovely little knitting pin is my tribute to Briar Rose.  (I have made my first spindle purchase and am looking forward to learning to spin.) This pin also reminds me of a rose on a garden trellis too.  It is quite light in weight and delicate with brass fillagree and soft pink czech glass central motif.  28-30mm

Abbey Road
Abbey Road  is the title of one of the best selling albums by the Beatles, but this knitting pin was named for the tree lined street itself that makes its way through St John’s Wood. St. John’s Wood was once part of the Great Middlesex Forest and it is now home to cricket clubs and some of the most expensive properties in the world.
This spring green czech glass pin is reminiscent of the traditional game of cricket, played on horseback across grassy meadows. 28-30mm

Somerset county, in England, is known for agriculture: sheep, cattle, wool, cheddar cheese and, at one time, apple orchards.  The name means “Land of Summer.”  I imagine there are many dragonflies in the rich fertile landscape of Somerset.  I have many fond memories of summers spent wading in the stream at the home of my youth, Idyllwild, and watching the dragonflies flit to and fro.  This intensely colored irredescent blue/black czech glass pin, I named Somerset just to be sentimental. 28-30mm

Stratford-upon-Avon  is a town set alongside the river Avon and is known as the birthplace of Shakespeare.  The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is picturesquely set on the banks of the Avon. The olde English inspired pattern and lovely pale blue water color of this czech glass pin honors this scenic and historic place. 28-30mm

Wiltshire is home to one of the wonders of the world, “Stonehenge.”  Steeped in mystery, the origins and purpose of Stonehenge is still debated to this day.  Likewise, this little beauty remains a mystery to me.  I can’t tell what image is embossed on it’s intriguing czech glass surface. Perhaps a flower or a berry? No matter, it is lovely and wears a coat of rich deep purples and blues. Enjoy! 28-30mm

Banbury wins my my heart for this lovely burnished red and green czech glass knitting pin.  First, because Banbury’s claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of “Banbury Cake”, a spice cake that I have never tasted but, let’s face it, I have yet to find a cake I didn’t like. Secondly, and most importantly, it is the home of the worlds largest COFFEE processing facility. Anyone who knows me, knows my love for coffee and personally, when I look at this button, I see precious little coffee beans lining the rim of this pin. Don’t YOU? Czech glass pin: green with reddish brown accents. 28-30mm

Bristol,  a major city, port, and center for culture, education and employment in Southwest England.  That is all well and good but sometimes a name just sounds pretty and doesn’t have to have a deeper meaning.  So, I present you with Bristol, a pretty name for a pretty czech glass black pin with golden leaves placed ornately atop it.  28-30mm

Deerhurst is the home of St. Mary’s, a monastery dating back to the late 7th century.
The colors of this button remind me of aged stained glass and the motifs are reminiscent of what one might find on ornamental fabrics reserved for sacred use.  This special Deerhurst kniting pin is fashioned from czech glass and has a burgundy and gold leaf motif. It has a vintage feel that I find quite appealing. 28-30mm

Fairford,  is a little town on the banks of the River Coln.  Shade trees and soft cushy beds of grass line the banks of the meandering River Coln.  It’s a perfect place for a family picnic or a romantic date for two.  The Fairford knitting pin combines a spring green czech glass focal point that conjures up images of lush grass and a charming gingham check ribbon casually frames the button, a reminder of leisurely picnics shared with loved ones.  28-30mm

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