New England – Chapter 2

These sheep were in Washington, NH where we bought some of the local yarn.


Continuing with our adventure: next day, Tuesday, was the day we drove to Lowell, MA to visit Classic Elite. Some of us got really good deals there, some of us did not. After shopping we did go for a walk in downtown Lowell, a lovely area, and went out for lunch: Greek food! It was delicious! Portions were so big that we had leftover for next day!





At the end of a busy day we would go home, rent movies and knit to our hearts content!

This is the view we had from the living room:



One thought on “New England – Chapter 2

  1. It was great to see you last weekend at the Needlers’ Retreat.
    Black Star Knitting tagged me and asked me to share 7 facts about myself. I agreed to play the game and tagged you. I hope you’ll enjoying playing along with us!


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