Trip to Peru again!

I promised to tell you all about my trip to Peru and I will! Even though I have 3000 pictures to share, I won’t share them all.

After visiting Chinchero, we explored Cuzco and vicinities. Of course we had to go to Machu Picchu! I will share the info from the company we used which was excellent! If you ever think about going there, I highly recommend it!

As the ride to Aguas Calientes is a very beautiful one it is definitely recommended to have done the ride at least one way during day time. In case you would leave from Ollanta the same day the possibilities exists that you will not have the chance to enjoy this ride as your return train more than likely will also be in the late afternoon or evening. Also Ollanta is a much nicer village to spend the night in than Aguas Calientes and the prices are much more economical here than in the main tourist destination of Peru. Another factor to keep in mind when choosing your trains and stations is the fact that the transport in bus or car to or from Ollantaytambo to Cusco is faster than the train to Poroy. Especially for the return train, which may arrive late this may be an interesting fact to keep in mind.
Following we will try to give you an overview of the different trains each company operates.
Expedition Train; This is the most economical option for the trains to Machu Picchu ever since the Backpacker train got taken out of the circulation. The Expedition train is a modern train with 4 seat s socially located in front of each other. The carriages have large panoramic windows to fully appreciate the countryside as it rolls on by. All wagons have air-conditioning, and heating. Snacks and beverages are available during the entire trip. Luggage can be stored in the racks placed above the seats. This train has departures from Poroy as well as from Ollantaytambo station.

Vistadome Train; This is the very comfortable middle class train from PeruRail. The wagons have large panoramic windows and even windows in the roof of the train giving you fully the opportunity to enjoy the countryside and snap pictures al along the way. All wagons have plush leather seats with plenty of leg room, air-conditioning and heating. Snacks and beverages are available during the entire trip. The Vistadome train departs daily from both Poroy and Ollantaytambo station.

In the train they offer coffee and a hot sandwich and there are many surprises to entertain you!  Next time I will share a movie I took in the train.

Enough for today,




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