All ABout Socks Portuguese Style

To attend the request of many of my students and customers, I brought my DVD “All About Sock Portuguese Style” back. Here is my description:

If you like to knit socks, you are going to love it even more knitting Portuguese Style! Learn how Andrea knit her socks: she demonstrates here 3 different cuffs, 3 different heels and 3 different toes. The combinations are endless! This DVD includes a CD where you get 4 sock patterns shown. Skills include:

Provisional cast on, knitted cast on, long tail cast on, tubular and invisible cast on, double decrease, 3 needle bind-off, grafting in Garter Stitch, French Classic Honeycomb heel, band heel, rounded toe, a simple Fair Isle pattern and a pointed toe.

The Japanese sock is done in two needles, Garter Stich and minimum shaping! Great way to use left over yarn!

The Fair Isle sock is knitted inside out! And much more information to improve your knitting skills!


It is available on my website and I will also have it soon on my Etsy Shop Andrea Wong Knits. I hope you enjoy this opportunity. I only have 1000 DVDs.




7 thoughts on “All ABout Socks Portuguese Style

  1. I wonder if one of those patterns is toe up. I don’t like to knit cuff down socks because I’m always thrilled about running out of yarn


  2. Hi Rosangela,

    I knit all my socks from cuff down, so no patterns toe up. However my Japanese sock is knit sideways all Garter Stitch. I hope that helps,



  3. You continue to amaze, as always. Are you going to Madrona? I’m thinking about it, since Larry now lives in Seattle.


  4. I do not see how I can purchase the sock dvd on your website? How do I purchase it?

    In Catholic Daughter Unity and Charity Linda Kay Vandenberg White


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