It has been so long!

It has been a long time. I am suppose to start a blog on my own website but technically it is more difficult that this one, especially to load pictures, so I have not been writing.
This summer has been a wonderful one in every way! The weather in OHIO is very pleasant and we have 75F sunny days and rainy nights. I am taking the time to learn how to sew and update all classes, besides coming up with new class ideas. I cannot wait to propose them!

I will copy and paste here my post about Peru. I had this wonderful 3 weeks trip to Peru that inspired me for life and I thought to write about it here so you can be inspired as well.

Thank you for all of you that keep subscribing to it. At least I do not overwhelm you with posts!




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The must see place Machu Picchu

The must see place Machu Picchu

“After visiting my son Alex that was working for the American Embassy in Lima, Peru, my husband and I travel around the country. My goal was to visit Machu Picchu and seek as many knitters as I could, learning Andean Knitting from them and comparing to the Portuguese Style of Knitting. Neither goal was hard to reach.

When I was a child, a remember receiving a book as a gift called “The Seven Wonders of the World”. Machu Picchu was feature there and I read this article over and over dreaming about one day visitng this wonder. About 40 years later the day came and Ihave to tell you that the place is much more than I expected. During the visit we learned so much more about the Inca civilization and the intelligence they had reflected in their way of living, architecture, religion, agriculture, everything. On this blog I will focus more on the knitting and little by little share with you what I have seen and learned. If you have questions about the trip, please contacted me and I will be happy to share what I experienced.

My intention is to post once every 2 weeks as I travel to teach, take care of my orders and business by myself, have 2 children at home, husband, dog and care for my mother with Alzheimers, besides my volunteer work and social and religious life. I know we are all busy people now a days and I will try to leave you sometime too to enjoy your life as well as much I enjoy mine.”


4 thoughts on “It has been so long!

  1. Thank you for sharing so wonderful thoughts! Inca civilization is really astonishing. Please, share with us your knitting experiences with andean knitters.


  2. Manchu Pichu has been a place I have often read about and wanted to visit some day, maybe I still will. I am currently working on a sweater ( this is my second sweater I hope it works out better than the first …. Two of me could wear the first one!!! I can’t figure out how to correct it!) It is very hot here and I am looking forward to heading towards Colorado next week, where it is a little cooler than here. We will visit the children and grandchildren in Colorado Springs and Phoenix AZ. It will be good to see then. I’m sure Colorado will be cooler than Florida! Take care Andrea , hope we run in to each other soon! Carol Finley Email

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