Testimonial from Tara

I have received this email today and I wanted to share with you. It made my day! I have Tara’s permission to do so.

“Good Morning, Andrea.

I have been working on a shawl using the PK style and the three stitches you demonstrated on youtube, were the exact three that I needed to do so.  I’m not doing the YO stitch, but using a M1R/M1L.  I think I sent you an email asking how those stitches were achieved, but I think I worked it out.
I simply cannot wait until my dvd arrives as I want to know more and am really looking forward to all the techniques you’re teaching.
As for the knitting pin, I ordered one anyway as the one I made myself is sufficient, but needs to be a bit more sturdy.
I’m tracking the package almost every hour so that I don’t have to stalk the postman so much.

Here are a couple of pictures showing work done English and work done PK style…PK style is superior.  As you can see, the M1R/M1Ls/YOs are much tighter, neater and so are the stitches.


English Shawl1

English Shawl1

PK shawl2

PK shawl2

Isn’t that rewarding? Thank you Tara and all of you that share with me the passion for this style of knitting!



One thought on “Testimonial from Tara

  1. I have been a believer in PK for several years and believe me this is the ONLY I knit and Andrea is a great teacher ! I have had the good luck to meet with her for several classes and all I can say is everyone should take them if possible. The DVD’s are my “go to” help if I have a problem. Thank you Andrea bringing this wonderful way of knitting to me and many others!


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