A Good Yarn

Have you ever been in a yarn shop that make you feel welcome, as part of their family, even if it is the first time you come and visit? A Good Yarn in Sarasota, FL is one of a kind shop: it is a place that serves their community by teaching people how to knit, crochet, spin, needlepoint and more. At any given time of the day or of the week, this shop is full of customers, vibrant, and loving! Owed by Susan Post and her husband Murray, they offer to pick lunch to their customers so you never have to stop working on your project and you can spend the day at the shop! They take their beautiful bags to be decorated by handicap children at their local school as a community service. The children love it and look forward to this project every week!

I feel honored to be invited to teach there! I had a waiting list for my class on Saturday and a full class on Sunday. My students practice Portuguese style after they went home and most of the class in converting to this style! A dream come true? A blessed weekend for sure!


My weekend at A Good Yarn!

My weekend at A Good Yarn!

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One thought on “A Good Yarn

  1. Andrea, as always your classes were amazing!! I am so glad that you were able to come to Florida and bring this wonderful style of knitting to others.
    When I knit in public or just with a group of other knitters they are always asking questions about our style of knitting, I explain as well as I can and then give them your web site.
    My friend is excited about learning “our” kind of knitting too! Be sure you let me know when you are back in Florida again . Take care my friend and keep on knitting! Carol F. newlife453@aol.com


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