Another friend through Portuguese Knitting!

Teaching and traveling the country has blessed me with many friends! I talk to them through email and/or the phone and we keep up with questions, techniques and projects.

Jerri contacted me a while ago to let me know that Portuguese knitting has changed her life. How kind is that? I put her first testimonial on my website, but you can read it here:


I am so grateful to you for bringing the Portuguese style of knitting available through your DVD’s, website, books and television appearences.  I am a dye-hard lefty and recently I tried picking up knitting again, however, all the patterns and most of the videos available are for right handed people.  I become flustered trying to read patterns backward and switching things around to a “left-handed view” that I decided to keep my knitting simple and do what I could left handed.  Then one day I was watching a video that had a brief TV program of you doing Portuguese knitting.  It looked like something I could do so I went online and found your website and other videos.  I felt like someone had just opened a door for me so I decided to entered!  This was so simple for me to pick up and do and being left handed was no obstacle.  I ordered you books and videos and now feel I have to limits to my knitting!  You have given me a tool, which has enabled me to use all those right handed knitting pattern’s, to knit the projects I am now doing and more.  I would encourge any lefty to take up the Portuguese style of knitting and expand your possibilities.  Now I LOVE to knit and enjoy it so much!!   I look forward to learning more from you and want to attend some of your classes.  Again, Thank you so very much!


Then this week she sent me MANY pictures of all the projects she completed using this style of knitting. I am not only very proud of her, but also sincerely touched for her kindness and for taking the time to call me and let me know.This is what she wrote recently:

“Like I said I have made so many sweaters, vests, hats, scarfs, socks , tops, etc and I love it!!  I look forward to becoming a very good knitter and I am willing to do all the practice necessary to get there.  I would love to be able to work with two or three colors at the same time.  There are so many beautiful things one can create; the possibilities are endless and I would like to be a part of it all!!
Thanks again for all that you have given of yourself to enable me to learn to knit and I look forward to your new DVD’s, video’s and meeting you soon”.

You can feel her excitement on her words!  My goal is to offer Portuguese knitting for as many people as I can and make this incredible art available for all. So many knitters come to me and say that they would not be knitting if not for this efficient way of doing. My hope is that you help me spread the style and gather as many knitters as we can as friends!

Thank you Jerri!


6 thoughts on “Another friend through Portuguese Knitting!

  1. The most recent Yarn Market news has a page of knitting cruises, but not the one you do. You might make the shop owner aware,, maybe she is not a member of TNNA. Let me know. Enjoy your cruise or maybe it has already taken place.


    • No Barbara, I leave tomorrow for FL for 10 days as after the cruise I teach 2 days in Sarasota. I hope you can join me some other cruise. Have you gone to Mexico already?



  2. Dear Andrea,
    I learned of Portuguese knitting at a Cat Bordhi retreat in April 2013. I saw another participant doing this method and had to ask about it. I was fascinated. Then several months ago, I had fall that injured my right hand. That on top of arthritis meant a long stretch of no knitting for me. After several weeks of recovery, I tried to knit but it caused great pain. I was so discouraged, knitting being my primary art form, but then remembered my new knitting friend from the workshop. I got on the web and found your technique — I can now knit with no pain.
    I’ve been set loose on the knitting world once again. You have given me back my fiber-loving life. Thank you. Betsy from Portland, OR


    • Dear Betsy,

      I am so happy for you! Again, I cannot imagine a situation where you could not knit, and I do not know how anybody could! Knitting is relaxing, artistic, creative, productive and functional. Enjoy Portuguese knitting and please keep in touch! I am here if you have any questions!



  3. Andrea: Jerri – from the above comments – is a friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen in several years. Last week we finally met again and she shared her new love of Portuguese Knitting, showing me all the beautiful sweaters, socks, hats, gloves, etc. she has made. As an avid crocheter for 40+ years, I was very interested in this style of knitting. Upon getting ready to leave from our visit Jerri provided me with a gift bag, with your DVD, a pin, yarn and some very lovely rosewood knitting needles. That was a week ago, I’m now “hooked” and have been practicing like crazy. I love this style of knitting. I wanted to let you know that Jerri talks about you and shares her story not only to you but to all her friends.

    Best Regards,



    • Hi Christine! What a wonderful story! I am so pleased you enjoy this style of knitting and you are sharing your crochet time with knitting! I hope you make many garments for you and your loved ones as well, and please let me know if you have any questions! I so much hope to meet you and Jerri personally one day!



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