New Year! New Website Up and Running!

It is hard to believe we are in 2013! Time is flying and it is because I am having so much fun!

The new year brings new hope, new projects and for my website, a new look! Please take the time to check it and feel free to email me comments or glitches as we work to have many more features. One thing I am working on it is adding my regular pin for sale. I realize the new web only offers you the silver pins. Soon I will have magnetic and regular pins as well. If you need to order these, call me at (740) 881-3123 or email me.

Just came back from my first teaching event in 2013: another cruise to the Bahamas sponsored by Baskets of Yarn in Charlotte, NC. We had a great time in all classes and all events! This picture was taken inside our classroom. I am wearing a modified version of the shawl Summer Flies from Ravelry.

Class at sea - Bahamas

Class at sea – Bahamas

For more events and classes this year, go to my website. Address and email did not change:!




5 thoughts on “New Year! New Website Up and Running!

    • I have been thinking about that and I have to find a way to propose the idea to them or find a computer savvy person who could help me. Thank you for letting me know you are interested.


  1. help i am left handed my working yarn all ready comes from the left. i think i knit clockwise left needle into right needle. so please put up lefty instructions i’ve got pins but can’t figure it out thanks


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