Working on my Bucket List!

This month of July has been absolutely fantastic! The weather is hot but so many sunny, blue sky days! I want to embrace all so I have been vary busy and even sleeping less!

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of crossing one item in my “bucket list” stay on the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island in MI. Of course I have seen the movie “Somewhere in Time” back in 1981 (or so) and since then I dream about going to this place. All these years I watched the movie many times (as I do with I movies I like) to the point i know the dialogues by heart. Silly me! But it is much more than the movie: it is all about the place. And I was not disappointed! It was everything I expected and more. I got to rest, sleep, hike, bike and knit tons on the breath taking porch view!

Photos to prove it!

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8 thoughts on “Working on my Bucket List!

  1. that too is a really favorite movie of mine..I’ve often wished of visiting that hotel, also I share a personal experience with it. have to visit someday, thanks for sharing.


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