My Love Blanket

My dear knitters,

I do not have words to express my surprise, awe, love, and gratitude when I received my love blanket! It was beyond all expectations! It show how much work and dedication and love and spirit of a community this group of knitters have. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is now is my knitting room to warm me up when I knit during cozy cold days. Unfortunately these days are way ahead of us! Since I got the blanket we had record days for heat and the temperature today is 101F! But we won’t have summer forever.

I am sharing some pictures my daughter took of it with you.

My love goes back to all of you!


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2 thoughts on “My Love Blanket

  1. Andrea you are loved indeed…..te amamos muito. What a WONDERFUL gift, it was a blessing to make a few squares to warm your toes (and our hearts). Love always! Lu


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