Stitches West

The fun was not over when Madrona ended! I spent two days in Phoenix, AZ at my mother-in-law’s house with my sister-in-law, where I could relax, swim, ride a bicycle and enjoy family time. Then I flew to Santa Clara, CA for Stitches West. A huge event, many teachers, big market and taught 3 classes in Portuguese Style of Knitting! Not a lot of time to sight see but lots of fun.
We were there for the release of Betsy Beads book by XRX. A book that inspired me for years to come, since I am as left-brained as the author! Betsy encourages you throughout the book with fun, simple and great useful projects! I read  the book on my flight back to Columbus and immediately start knitting some projects as I got home.

Yesterday I went to the Gems and jewelery Show here in Columbus,OH and bought BEADS! another addiction? I hope not! Tons of ideas are crossing my mind today! Wait and you will see some of them at my new website!


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4 thoughts on “Stitches West

  1. Andrea–You taught classes in Portuguese knitting at Stitches West? I am a regular attendee and never saw the classes listed! I’ll check more carefully next time!


    • Hi Carol! How are you and your sister?

      Unfortunately they did not accepted my proposals for Stitches South. They said it is a smaller event and they have to bring teachers that they know will fill the classes (all my classes sold out at both stitches)! I guess you have to be more famous!

      I will keep proposing!

      Please keep in touch,




      • So great to hear from you. I’m glad you are doing better. My sister is ok I guess she doesn’t talk to me now… Long story. Glad you are doing well.


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