Baskets of Yarn Winter Retreat – Knitting Cruise

What could be better than travel on a cruise, teach knitting and be with your family? In my opinion not too many things beat this! We just came back after spending a couple of days in Charlestown, SC with extended family.

I have talked about Baskets of Yarn shop in Charlotte, NC before. The owners, Patty and Gary are great people and they are 110% in customer service. By the number of knitters that attended the cruise (and all past retreats that I missed!) you can tell how great they are! Every student and teacher had a custom folder with their schedule, classes, handouts and projects. All yarn was included and they brought all materials. The cruise has a great format of 2 days at sea and two days at port, which is a very balanced time for all you might want to do. The best yet were the knitters! I made friends forever! Non knitters companions completed the fun during other activities! Thank you for the opportunity to teach you and touch your lives in some way or other!

The shop intends to have another one in a year and I will be the first one to post about it so you can join them! Please contact me if you think you would like to do a cruise like that. We can plan for Jan 2013.


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