Last September I went to Scotland to participate in the “In the Loop – Knitting Origins and Evolution”, a five day international conference at the Shetland Museum and Arquives, Lerwick, Shetland Islands. I know! A knitters dream come true!

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Susan Crawford, Deidre Nelson, Annemor Sundbø. I have met Annemor before in Seattle, at the Heritage Museum.

In 2008 I have looked into going to the conference but I gave up. When teaching at WEBS in May 2010 I met another knitting teacher that was going to Shetland. When she found out what I teach, she said I should go! That was our conversation over dinner. Two days later I get an email from a lady in England who has proposed classes for the same event. Her proposals were about the Peruvian and the Portuguese Style of Knitting! She needed some help and pictures for her presentation. When I told her I was thinking about going myself, she said:

– Great! If you come I will let talk about it and demonstrate the Portuguese Style of Knitting at the Conference.

Well, she did not need to twist my arm. I went!

Unfortunately I found out I was sick when I came back. Actually, I got much worse over there, but thanks be to God, I did not have a clue about my disease.

I have over 500 pictures of knitting, knitted articles, and about the trip itself. So I will publish it slowly and tell you all about it.

Art Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland Aug 2010


My friend and I arrived in Edinburgh on August 28, in the middle of their summer art festival. The population of the city doubles from 400.000 people to 800.000 during the festival! As you walk in the street you have “sneak peaks” on the performances all over town. People are very friendly and they are willing to help in any possible way.

Edinburgh, 2010

Next post I will show you a weaving/knitting factory I visited. Just wait!



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