Baskets of Yarn – Charlotte, NC

This summer has been very special as I have been telling you: new perspective in life, everything has a new meaning, great taste, life is delicious!

On the weekend of September 10th and 11th my husband and I went to Charlotte, NC to meet his brother and wife. As a last minute thing I contacted Baskets of Yarn Shop and the owner, Patty Frame, was most gracious to answer me right away and tell me I was welcome to come and do a demo on my knitting technique. It turned out to be a GREAT morning! When I got there, six of their best customers were  waiting for me. We have talked, I demonstrated the Portuguese style of knitting and they all tried! And they loved it! You can read for yourself at their newsletter:


Super Crazy Saturday – Wow, yesterday was really busy and my intent is to write a really SHORT newsletter.  Hah! We’ll see how that goes.

Andrea Wong – We had a last minute visit from Andrea Wong that we tried to tell as many people as we could about!  We posted it to Facebook (have you liked us yet?) and sent an email to those of you who have shopped the most in our store.  Andrea was FABULOUS!  She was just an incredibly nice person and I am so honored to have met her.

As you know, we came back from TNNA with two books from members of the “Visionary Authors” group started by Cat Bordhi.  One was knit,Swirl!, which we are in love with and the other is Seven Things that Can ‘Make or Break’ a Sweater that I am developing a class around right now.  Andrea is also a member of the Visionary group and had her books at TNNA.  We didn’t have a chance to meet her then, but I am so glad she stopped briefly in Charlotte.  She gave us a demonstration of Portuguese knitting and that is ALL IT TOOK for me to be in love!  I practiced the knit stitch and the purl stitch and this morning I am even using it to do the seed stitch in the Malabrigo Rasta project I’ll show you later.

I was definitely able to catch on to it faster than the continental style and I think it is helping for the pain that I was experiencing.  This is supposed to be a great style to help with carpal tunnel and other knitting related difficulties.  Because you tension the yarn around your neck or through a pin, it takes a lot of the strain off of your hands.

We have her books, DVDs and some fancy Portuguese knitting pins that she left with us.  I am hopeful that I can get good enough at this to teach you guys who want to try it.  If you learn well out of books or DVD’s, you can go ahead and get started!

Now I have been contacted by other shops in the area to come over and do the same thing for them. If you know any yarn shop in NC that would like to have me, please let me know as we are planning another trip to accommodate more teaching.


2 thoughts on “Baskets of Yarn – Charlotte, NC

  1. All who meet Andrea will agree that she is a lovely lady! The Portuguese method of knitting is so nice, easier on your hands, wrists and arms and faster after you have used it awhile. Just think of how much faster we can get to all those new, scrumptious yarns.

    So often we go to a class to learn something new, think we thoroughly understand it and when we sit down at home sometimes the new technique eludes us. Andrea has wonderful CD’s that you can easily refresh with. What she is doing is very clear each step of the way. I am so happy that I chose to buy these. I put the CD in my laptop right next to me and it is almost like having Andrea herself in the room with me.

    Dee Goodwin – a student, friend and great admirer of Andrea’s courage!


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