Double Knitting Portuguese Style

Many of my students claim that  ribbing and double knitting Portuguese Style has a rhythm that makes the work easier and more pleasant. Again, it requires less maneuvering of your hands when you work with the yarn available in front of the work at all times.
Double knitting implies that you are producing two knitted fabrics parallel to each other at the same time. For instance, you might choose double knitting when you knit a pocket on a sweater or when you want to line a mitten for extra warmth. Producing the garment and lining at the same time avoids sewing and finishing it later.

When working two-color double knitting patterns, each square of the chart represents two stitches  (pair) and the pattern is reversible. If you are knitting a motif from a chart, the same motif is worked on both sides at the same time but the colors are reversed. For each pair of stitches you knit the first stitch with color A and purl the second one with color B (if you do not have a motif you only have one color for both stitches).
For detailed information about the technique I recommend the book Double Knitting Reversible Two-Color Design by M’Lou Baber.

How to work a pair of Stitches

NOTE: In the pictures below I am working circularly  and I cast on using two strands of yarn.  After that I did ribbing 1X1 for a couple of rounds.  When you start double knitting you have a pair of sts to work with.

Knit the first stitch (in the fabric closer to you)

2) Move both yarns under the right hand needle and purl the next stitch (in the fabric away from you)

Please let me know if you try and have any questions. My DVD ” The Portuguese Style of Knitting II has a chapter on it.


5 thoughts on “Double Knitting Portuguese Style

  1. does anyone know how to wrap the yarn at the beginning of row to close gap between layers using portuguese knitting tech


  2. Doing a crazy project with 3 colors per row and different pattern on side A and B. Does it matter how I pull the yarn under of over other strands to do a knit or purl? I am concerned about color dominance but don’t know how to keep 3 strands straight. I have the book and I get the general technique. I have the background color or I want less dominant on my left shoulder? Does color dominance factor into double knitting?


    • Hi Virginia! Good questions! I keep my dominant color on my left shoulder with the knit side facing, which is the case for double knitting. I do not believe that color dominance is important here, because the colors shows on both sides equally. However, I have to confess I have never done 3 color double knitting. When you work the stitches, they get twisted around and on the next stitch they untwist. If your yarns are getting tangled, it might be a problem. I will do more research on it. Please get back to me later and tell me how you are doing.



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