A Post about a Post

My dear knitting friends,

Katherine and I are working hard to finish my book by Spring. We are both having a great time in each little project, picture, history, fonts, etc. It has been a sensational work! It’s wonderful to work with someone that really understands you. She express my ideas better that I could do for myself.

Anyway, she has published a post about the cover of my book and I want you all to see it.


Enjoy it!



3 thoughts on “A Post about a Post

  1. Watched you demonstrate your style of knitting on knitting today. What a revelation. I have disliked traditional and gone to German but I am switching to Portugese. Could you announce when your book is published because I am going to order.
    I am in Sunnyvale, CA, are you in SF and if so do you teach classes there. I would like to attend a class.
    Thanks, Lynn Kristy


  2. I love the cover of the book…I really like pictures of windows, and that one really reminds me of the houses in Portugal. Its very exciting and I can’t wait till Spring….


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