A warm Christmas in Brazil

After 8 years, I spent Christmas with my family in Brazil again. I am glad we have made all arrangements back in March for this trip!

The trip itself is too tiring and too long, but still so worth! We spent about 5 days in Sao Paulo: such a huge city now that I do not get use to it any longer. It was big when I left 18 years ago but it is now so crowed and noisy! On the other hand, because we have so many people there is because we can find anything you want: restaurants, shops, classes, fashion, etc. We have the biggest Japanese and Lebanese colony in the world!

Everyday we would go to Ibirapuera Park for a walk. It compares to the Central Park in New York where “paulistas” (people born in Sao Paulo) go to exercise, relax, breath a better quality air. The temperature now is in average 92F. Yes, a summer Christmas! We have to fake snow on the Christmas tree using cotton balls. Too hot for eggnog or hot chocolate so we drink 100% fresh natural fruit juices like pineapple with mint, passion fruit juice, tamarindo, acerola, acai berry, and so many more!

We make a point to go to the street market and have 100% sugar cane juice with lemon and pineapple! delicious! And eat “pastel” of course: like a fried dumpling with all kinds of stuffing! Pizza, chicken, banana, cheese, etc.

Actually eating all the food I miss was accomplished in this trip. I also found 3 extra pounds i did not need it! But I am working to get them off now. Much harder than putting them in!

Ibirapuera Park

Falsa Seringueira (Fake Rubber Tree)

The most special thing was to be with my family. My brother, who lives in the Northeast of Brazil, also came to Sao Paulo with his family. Together we have gone to the country side to celebrate my father’s 71 Birthday and visit other family members for the rest of our trip. The country side is safer and cleaner, more quiet. There we had a pool, food and good company to laugh and play and dance until our hearts content.

My mon, husband and kids having dinner at Italian Restaurant

It was such a good vacation that I had time to knit a cardigan for my daughter!

My mother and I knitting

There is so much to tell! I will tell you some more on the next post!

Happy New Year,



One thought on “A warm Christmas in Brazil

  1. Andrea, I just discovered you on Knitting Daily, on Television! I immediately found your blog, and ordered: one DVD, 2 knitting pins, and a sock pattern. I am an avid knitter and I also enjoy washing, carding, dying, and spinning my own wool. I have some Tibetian Yak to spin as well. God bless you with your knitting journey, and for sharing your talents with the rest of us!


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