Michigan – 3 days, 3 shops, 3 classes

Michigan is beautiful! I was there November 6, 7 and 8. I have taught classes at 3 shops:

1) Knit A Round, Ann Arbor: I was delighted to meet the owners Carry and Sherry as well staff members like Carmen. I had a small group of students right in the center of the shop and customers walked in all afternoon curios about the class and of course, the way we knit!

Found a fabulous yarn called Shepherd Wool, made in Michigan, and I can’t hardly wait to start something new! But it will have to wait because I am finishing the last couple projects for my book  and they will be finished!

2) Woven Art, East Lansing: Nancy and staff were wonderful as well! She has a very high end selection of yarns and had 23 students waiting for me! I got lost going there (not very hard for me to do it) even when I allowed plenty of time to get lost and be there on time! We had fun going over the style of knitting and socks. For the first time I met a greek lady who knew this way of knitting but tension her yarn on the left hand instead of the right hand.


3) The Yarn Garden, Charlotte: The shop is located in a old building in historic Charlotte and it has Lyndsay’s personality: lovable! Flowers and nice details everywhere. The students were very receptive as well and many completely got the Portuguese Style of Knitting.

I had such good students that they signed up for my classes to days in a row. They are pros now in two color knitting with the yarn tensioned in two different pins!


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