Recently I spent the weekend in a resort to teach a class to Grindstone Knitting Guild. Loved it!  A beautiful beach in Ohio! A fun group of knitters! Good food! What else? The friendships that came of that weekend!

The president of the guild, Georgia, was most kind to pick me up at the airport and we drove about one hour to the hotel. We got there, unpacked, and went downtown to have dinner walking: 73F, sunny, light breeze in the air. We were 23 total and the restaurant was fun! Lobster lasagna? Lavender lemonade? Caramel bread pudding? We had to share some food in order to try it all!

Geneva-on-the-Lake Hotel View

Geneva-on-the-Lake Hotel View

After a good night sleep at the sound of the waves, wake up, have breakfast and go to class! The group was enthusiastic and so open to learn this “new” old style.

Class and Drawing for Prizes

Class and Drawing for Prizes

During our break, time to go for a walk! Just look!

Outside view

Outside view

The girls have learned all the basics of Portuguese Style of Knitting and in the afternoon they had a sock class. I asked them to choose the project they wanted to work on: some worked on the two color knitting project and some on socks. We did not have enough time to finished what we started, but we had the time to knit, relax and enjoy! Thank you Grindstone Knitting Guild!


2 thoughts on “Geneva-on-the-Lake

  1. Hi, Andrea…. I took a friend and went to Rhinebeck (NYState Sheep and Wool Festival) today and I met Donna and Marrilee and was able to show off my beautiful shawl! It was so much fun to have actually finished this year’s class project!

    I found a beautiful shawl pin to use with it, and bought a cone of real Shetland 2-ply and pattern to knit another lovely shawl, this one a rectangular stole. I love lace knitting (but I wish the new pattern did not use size 1 needles!

    I’m off to London with my sister this Tuesday, taking my shawl and shawl pin with me.




    • Dear Barbara,

      I am so happy for you with all the knitting and the traveling you are doing, especially showing off RECENT class projects! I hope you and your sister have a great time in London and think of me at the Albert and Victoria Museum, especially when you see knitted pieces.

      I always think about proposing for Rhinebeck and never do!

      I will talk to you when you come back,




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