In love with New Hampshire Again!

Covered Bridge at Flume Gorge

Covered Bridge at Flume Gorge

Picture during class Sept 11.09

Picture during class Sept 11.09

My dear knitting friends,

I just came back from a eight day trip to New Hampshire. This time I have spent my days in Harrisville (teaching and taking classes) and in other locations of the state as well, like the White Mountains. What a beautiful state. Cost of living is high though, compare to Ohio! Gas prices are $2.69/gallon when I pay $2.42 here. I had a wonderful time anyway!

It started getting there on a Wednesday late afternoon and staying at a house built in 1843 on the Peanut Row Drive. Harriville let the teachers use the house when teaching workshops. I had 9 wonderful students! I mean it! People from diferent places of the country with quite some knitting and life experiences. Intelligent questions and an enthusiastic group. Needless to say I went to the boarding house in the evening to stay with them because the Peanut house was lonely!

Before and after the classes I took the time to walk, pray and meditate. Put life into perspective again away from the noisy and busy life we have here at home. My son gave me an Ipod for my birthday and with that I have been listening to a great amount of audio books and inspirational CDs. I love every minute of it and I am thankful to God that I still have another half of my life to apply my new knowledge!

Over the weekend I went to the White Mountains to a state park called Franconia Notch. Just gorgeous. That’s where the covered bridge is located from 1886!

The view from "my" house

The view from "my" house

I had reservations for the Cafe Laffayette train ride and had a very pleasant evening taking the two hour ride in very good company and eating all the good food you can imagine! Actually ate too much and decided it was not a good idea to travel back to Harrisville that night. So I stayed overnight and walked the trail at Franconia Notch the next day.

After this unforgettable weekend, I had four days of knitting classes with Donna Kay: Shetland Laces Shawls. If you ever have a change to take one of Donna;s class, please take it! She is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. We had a history background, wonderful shawls she designed to inspire us and taught how to design your own! And I did. Not quite finish knitting yet, but I will.

My class Harrisville Sept09

My class Harrisville Sept09


2 thoughts on “In love with New Hampshire Again!

  1. Hi, Andrea….. I can hardly believe it myself, but I am almost finished with my shawl! I have completed the edging on the 2 sides and done half the repeats on the top edge. Right now I’m taking a break before I finish. Tomorrow I hope to block it.

    Who knew I would love lace knitting and become completely obsessed with it? ( Since our class we have had a visit (4 days with the Michigan grandchildren) and have driven to NH again to make some decisions about the house. No knitting got done on those days, but every chance I had I was working on this shawl.

    I loved your class, and enjoyed spending time in Harrisville, as always.


    • Dear Barbara,

      I am so glad for you! I bet your shawl is beautiful! These trips to New Hampshire are becoming a life changing experience for me, especially the last one. You are my inspiration now to get my shawl done! Each one of you knitters touched my life in such a good and positive way that I come home so happy! Since I came back I am working on projects for the book and I thought to include my shawl as one of them but to be honest with you, since I am using Donna’s “frame” to work with, I do not feel this is “my design”. We will see… I have received good feedback from my class and some of my students sent me the picture of the hat completed. How fun and rewarding is that?

      Thank you for your support as well! Keep me posted and knitting always!




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