Thanks to my friend Eric (, I have learned some very interesting today! He went to Wikipedia to find information about Portuguese knitting and this is what he found out about my name:

Andrea is a given name common in many parts of the world:

  • In Czech, Serbian, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Scandinavian languages and Spanish, Andrea is used as a woman’s name, as the feminine form of Andrew, Andreas, András or Andre.
  • In Italy and Albania, Andrea is a masculine name, the equivalent of Andrew.
  • In Croatia and Slovenia, Andrea is both a feminine and a masculine, name Andreja is a feminine name, while Andrija, Andre and Andrej are masculine forms.
  • In Romania Andreea is a feminine name and it is written with an extra “e” to avoid confusion with the Romanian word “andrea” meaning knitting needle. Andrei is the masculine form.
  • Polish equivalent is Andrzej for males and Andrzeja for females (very rarely used for females).
  • Andréa, with an accent mark, is a Brazilian Portuguese form of Andrea. The Portuguese equivalent (feminine of André) would be Andreia.
  • In Basque language Andrea is a variant of Andere, both used as woman names, in fact it means “woman, lady”.
  • “Andrea” in this particular lettering, can be pronounced in many ways.

I would never guess that my name could mean knitting needle! It was meant to be since I ALWAYS have one in my hands!


3 thoughts on “Andrea

  1. Hallo and have a good day!

    I just found your page and I like it from the begining. My dream is that one day knitting will be more than a hobby for me.., after 25 years doing it for myself… I’ll be gratefull if you can see my page with part of my designed knittig clothes… Waiting for your coments and critics…..

    …Can’t believe that our name means “knitting needle”

    Best whishes from Croatia,

    Andrea L.


    • Dear Andrea,

      I am so flattered with your comment! My first friend from Croatia! I went to your website and your clothes are beautiful! What do you mean when you say “will be more than a hobby”? It looks like to me you are a professional! I see you use a lot of crochet too! Do you travel abroad with your collection? Do you sell your clothes? Or you sell your patterns? You are very successful in your business, I see that.
      Please keep in touch and my best wishes for you too!

      Andrea Wong


  2. Hallo,
    i’ll honestlly tell you the truth… Choosing colours, knitting, colouring, all kind of different needles and beeds are my pleasure and I’m enyojing when I can be in my colorfull world of wool and cottone and realizing my own ideas and creations. To sell something,…. that is something completlly different and this part is a problem to me, simply don’t know how to handle it…
    I would like to sell some of my clothes, ideas or whatever…

    I’ll still continue giveing my unique and dearist things to my friends, I’m also wearing my clothes very often, but still I’ve got thing for sell… just need the customers…

    Thank you for your compliments and good wishes… Now I’m still thinking about presenting my spring/summer collection for next season on Fashion week Zagreb in November…

    Have a nice day…
    Andtrea Lovrovic


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