OK! I know it sounds cheesy like you Americans say here! Everybody likes flowers and admire their beauty and there are zillions of pictures out there! But guess what? Now is my turn to fall in love and admire flowers! I even have my own in my back yard and have been taking pictures of it! So I decided to put it in my blog!

Let me know about you and when you fell in love with flowers. Don’t you feel like knitting their shapes and colors?

Yellow flower in NH

Yellow flower in NH

My Marigolds

My first Peonias

My first Peonies


7 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Hello Andrea,
    I watched your interview on Knitting Daily and have been trying out the Portuguese style of knitting.
    My tension needs lots more practise especially the knit stitch but I intend to persevere. When I wrote to you last, you mentioned that you were working on a book. Hope to hear more about that when you are ready. For those of us who don’t live in the United States will you think about making the book available as an e-book (downloadable from the internet) that way we save on post and packaging costs as well as Customs costs here in South Africa. I have downloaded the baby booties pattern and will definitely try it out when my tension has improved. Thank you so much for doing the video.
    Lesley, Cape Town, South Africa.


    • Dear Leslie,

      Yes, I am still working on the book. I will consider a e-book as well and talk to my editor about it. Most of my students want a real book, but you had mentioned a couple of reasons for a e-book.
      I am proud of you for persevering on the knit stitch! Just give yourself some time and you won’t have to think about it later.
      As my work is in progress, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and let me know how you do it with the new style.
      Thanks for writing me and let me know,



  2. Dear Andrea,
    Had to let you know that I am practicising all the time and have today made the first baby bootie from your pattern. I am so excited to have learnt this new way of knitting. Can you perhaps explain how to do a knit stitch into the back of the loop. I have managed the purl into back of stitch but can’t quite get the knit through back of loop. I am trying to do a twisted rib where you knit into the back of all knit stitches on the right side row and into the back of all purl stitches on the wrong side row. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks for introducing me to this style of knitting through your video on Knitting Daily.
    Best wishes,


  3. I believe the beautiful yellow flower is a dahlia.

    The other flower is called Lantana. We have a lot of them here in Central Texas.

    I am looking forward to your book.


  4. You are amazing! Wish you could come to Phoenix area to teach and you could stay with me.

    Try to contact Cactus Yarns, it is a small new shop very close by.

    I’ll bet Loopy Yarn in Chicago would like to have you come to teach.

    Congratulations on getting into Stitches South. You go girl!

    I’m going to try to publicize your DVDs among my knitting groups here in Grand. You must be a master saleswoman. I can’t imagine gathering 26 and 23 and 13 students along your travels.


    • Thank you Barbara. I will be delighted with a invitation to teach in AZ! And I will accept your invitation! Please let me know how things are going there.



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