Portugal – May 09

Praca do Comercio com Bonde

Praca do Comercio com Bonde

For a long time I wanted to go to Portugal! And I finally did it this past month!

Brazil was colonized by the portuguese from the 1500 to 1822: from them we inherited our language, architecture, food and so much more. As soon as I steped out of the airport in Lisbon I felt like I was home: familiar smells, features, sidewalks, people standing at their door watching the trafic and the day go by…

It was a business trip however: I did finish the research about the Portuguese Style of Knitting and the results and techniques I found there will be publish in my book that might carry the same title.

Suprisinly I did found many yarn shops, wool produced in Portugal, and knitters meeting in wireless cafes to have a good time knitting together! They rely mostly in oral patterns instead of written patterns like american knitters do even though Ravelry and the internet have been changing this tradition: they buy yarns and books and all the paraphernalia we have here through people they meet online!

I got to visit Lisbon, Cascais, Porto, Coimbra and Fatima. As everywhere in Europe, so much to visit and learn! These places are so rich in history and art! I got to visit the tombs and places that I have learned about it in my 4th grade history classes (back them I did not enjoy history and my teacher)!

Portugal is a small, the 7th most peaceful, safe and easy country to get around. Transportation includes electric trolleys, cabs, trains and buses and they are very reasonable. If you have a chance to visit Europe, I really recommend it!

A couple more pictures,


Convento do Carmo

Igreja na Feira da Ladra


You will see much more later…


8 thoughts on “Portugal – May 09

  1. Andrea –

    I am so jealous 🙂 What a fabulous trip. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I can’t wait to hear more. I miss you. I have not been knitting lately been too busy with work.


  2. Hello,
    I just found your site and blog through Brenda’s site (cast-on.com). I have always wanted to learn the Portuguese method of knitting because I have carpal tunnel in both hands and my tension is different with knits/purls using the continental method. I will need to purchase your DVDs and pins since I have long hair and it is hot here in the summer. I just read your post of visiting Portugal and I have a question. How has the language changed from Portugal to Brazil? My husband always refers to the language, “Brazilian”; because he thinks Brazil should have its own language! When you say that Brazil speaks Portuguese, how close is it to Portugal’s version? Is it like slang to proper language or is it like different dialects (English in Boston versus English in Georgia)?

    Thanks for your blog and teachings!
    Kelly in West Virginia
    wvkelly on Ravelry


    • Dear Kelly,

      I so much appreciate you take the time to write me! You can order my knitting pins and DVDs on my website, I believe you saw that.
      To answer your question, the difference between Portuguese from POrtugal and from Brazil is very little. The same between English in US and in England. Some of the words sound more formal, some others sound out of context but I understand everything and they understand me! It was very easy to get around and the people are very friendly! Have you been there?
      I started the Portuguese Knitters group at Ravelry and we discuss techniques and testemonials. Please let me know if you have any questions about ordering or about the knitting itself.

      Thank you,



    • Dear Lynn,

      We have been missing you too! Just came back from Chicago last night! Once Angela’s is married and my kids go to college we will travel again together more often.




  3. I will be traveled to Porto in March and am wondering if you could tell me if there are any good yarn shops in the city or surrounding area.
    thank you


  4. Hi,

    I googled knitting in Portugal and I got your blog. I am going to Porto, Lisbon, Faro and St. Miguel next Spring. Are there any shops that you would recommend? I love to purchase yarn from the places I visit. For me it’s like a souvenir that stays with me long after the visit. With each stitch that I made, when I’m back home, I think of the place the wool came from and the memories I have from there.

    Thank you,



    • Dear Kathryn,

      Yes there several shops in Lisbon around the Rua Augusta, at Baixa( Trico Brancal, Serranofil). You will see the signs on the street (La = wool).In Porto I met a group of knitters that get together every 3rd Saturday of the month at Magnus Cafe. There is a shop called Lopo Xavier that sells local Portuguese wool and it was the best I found. If you want some names of people to contact I will give it to you.


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