New England Final Chapter

Well! So many things happening in my life! Just wonderful! Knitting inspires my life and life inpires my knitting! No wonder days are flying by! Since my last post I have been in Canada for Mabee Corllet’s retreat and in San Diego for TNNA. Now I am actually writing from Seattle!

I really would like to finish my trip to New England now before telling you about any other, because I have so many pictures I want to share with you as well as the nice shops we visited at the end!

On Thursday I taught all day in the resort we were staying. I met wonderful knitters from the area and they really enjoyed learning this style of knitting! But when class was over we had time to go visit Patterworks, just 9 miles away. What a treat! I have bought some of their own yarn for a vest and bought some Lanaloft Sports weight from Brown Sheep in very bright colors (not like me at all)! They suggested a very good restaurant for dinner “The Canoe” just down the road. Another night free of dishes and house chores was left just for knitting!

Judy and Lynn at the canoe restaurant





Then we had Friday! The excitement of visiting WEBS and Green Mountain Sppinery! At Webs you will find any yarn you can think of plus their own line and in the back of the store they have a Sam’s Club of yarn. You buy bags of it for almost cost! And I found Noro! And Louisa Harding! My husband called me and I was so overhelmed with all I could knit, design, try, touch, that I could not speak! I had to apologize and call him later.

Here my friends  are at the door of Green Mountain Sppinery. Have you tried their

At the door of Green Mountain SppineryAt the door of Webbs


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