Heaven in Harrisville,NH



I spent one week in Harrisville, NH: from September 14 to 20. Harrisville is heaven on Earth! The owners of Harrisville Designs, Pat and Chick Colony, make a great effort to keep the village as it was originally, early 1800s and they have succeeded! Intact architecture and rich history as Candace Eisner Strick mentions in her book “Sweaters from a New England Village”.

I feel funny about rediscovering knitting tips and techniques that other knitters felt in love over and over again along the years. But now I am going through the love and enthusiasm of rediscovering the mills in New England, especially Harrisville. To complete my passion, we all took a 5 day class from Donna Kay on Ethnic Folk Mittens. Donna’s passion, expertise and patience are beyond expectation and she is my Angel from my earthly haven.

We were 12 students sharing the hobby, the fun, and excitment  for 5 days. The pictures will show you a little of how much we have learned. Top all this with perfect Fall weather, good food, wine, friendship and knitting jokes and you will know why I came back home so light and relaxed, just like if I had spent big bucks in a spa for millionaires!


2 thoughts on “Heaven in Harrisville,NH

  1. Dear Andrea….. I love your pictures! They really show how lovely Harrisville is in the fall, and can’t help but remind me of how much fun we had! The best thing is knowing we’ll be back next year. Thanks for sending me the link!



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