Walking and knitting this summer

My husband and I have been walking everyday this summer. On the other day I got my camera and took pictures of plain wild flowers! The colors were so pretty! i am posting some for posterity!

As far as my knitting, I am working on the “Many Buttons Vest” from Cheryl Oberle (Folk Vests) and had a little of a problem following directions. Needless to say the pattern was making things easier for me and I had to rip out all the knitted back above the armholes because I forgot to put the underarm stitches on hold!

Trying to finish my Bohus sweater (started on October 2007) that I learned from Donna Kay’s class in Harrisville. Wonderful week I spent there! The sweate in the Red Edge and I am knitting with Harrisville Shetland weight (of course). The class fee includes the yarn! Here are the pictures before I cut the whole body open. You are testmony I knitted the sweater before I damage it!



I decided to use crochet to cut the steeks open and this is the first time I do that. Since I have joined all new color in the center front steek and that’s exactly where I cut open, I am not sure. Meg Swansen has a sweater that she hasn’t done a thing to prevent the stitches from fraying (and the sweater survived) , so I guess i will be OK.


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