Ravelry New Group: Portuguese Knitters

I have to admit I was most resistant to join Ravelry. I thought I was going to waste a lot of time organizing my needles and my stash on-line! How ignorant! Until I went to Knitter’s Connection Event in June, I did not know what really Ravelry was about. We met Jess and Casey and they explain all the possibilities how you can use their website (free) for your benefit. I am hooked! I was looking for a mitten pattern on line and I browsed, browsed and browsed! On Ravelry I had 93 pages of Mitten Patterns, the yarns they were knit, I could see same patterns knit in different colors, etc! We can chat and exchange ideas about anything in the knitting world (or outside of it) and you can truly spend hours surfing on it. Yesterday I open a new group: Portuguese Knitters, of course. If you are not there, ask for an invitation: 150,000.00 knitters! Believe it or not!


2 thoughts on “Ravelry New Group: Portuguese Knitters

  1. Andrea: I’m interested in joining the Ravelry portugese knitters group but can;t seem to find it. What am i doing wrong?


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