Finish the Bradshaw!

I finally finished the Bradshaw Coat. I am very satisfied with it, even though it has no buttons yet. It’s so hot here today that I had a very hard time sewing it together and taking a picture outside! But it is done.

My next project is the “Many Button Vest” from the book Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle and also to finish the Selbu Mittens I started last October. Did I tell you I went to the Nordic Knitting Museum in Seattle for the First Nordic Knitting Conference? I loved! We had Anne Sumdbo, Vivian Hoxbro, Marylin Van Keppel, Elsebeth Lavold, Suzanne Hanson and Terri Shea. My first class was with Terri and I knit one hand of the Selbu Mitten. So now I need the other one before winter. Some pictures from Seattle:

 I visited a lovely shop called “The Church mouse Yarns & Teas”. They have a very nice selection of yarn and the staff is wonderful! The little picture is the Museum and the picture on the right are my friends from the knitting Cruise I went 2 years ago: Amy and Emmott, Anders and Elsebeth, and Teresa, my roommate. The knitting world is not so big and it’s nice to see your friends in these events!


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