Since TNNA started on June 4th I feel like I have been running the Marathon! My classes went well, especially the Portuguese Style of Knitting. I had “famous” students in my classes like Anne Modesit, Andrea Price and Clara Parks! Cool? Intimidating? I am glad it went well. After one whole day of classes rush to my daughter’s 8th grade graduation ceremony and dinner party. A very busy but rewarding day!

Saturday, Sunday and Monday spent the day talking to business people, publishers, yarn companies and shopping for yarn, of course! I bought beautiful yarn from New Zealand, Australia and Chile. How fun! A lot of New designing ideas on my mind!

Back to back with TNNA we had Knitters Connection, an event like TNNA but open to the public and right here in town. I was so impressed with the organizationof it all! I took a delicious class from Beth Brown-Reinsel about Guenseys. She is a wonderful teacher! I know have her book, the appropriate yarn and all the skills I need to design my own Guensey and knit it!

Thursday I went to meet Suzanne Atkinson from Canada for dinner after shopping at Knitters Connection Market. Guess who was there? My favorite ever Shelridge Farm! I even met Maureen Mason Jamieson! I have bought so much yarn! And Green Alpaca Spinnery! After that a workshop by Ravelry owners Casey and Jess: finally I understand why so many knitters are crazy about the site. They are an adorable young couple!

Well, the fun did not stop there: Friday night I had dinner with knitters from Indiana (Beth Ann and Julie) and Suzanne Atkinson. Monday morning was time to drive to Dayton to go to their anual picnic and yarn swap. Do I need more yarn? Of course! But the real good deal was to find the books I have been after for $1-2.00/each (like Twined Knitting, Knitted Cotton Edges, Barbara Walker Charted Knitting Designs, Traditional Knitting Patterns,etc.) all original publications and in impecable conditions! I bought 25 books!

OK! I had 2 days to stay home and paint walls. NExt: drive to New York City (Scarsdale) for my next workshop. I have stayed with Laurie Thomas, the owner of Sticks and Strings YArn Shop. Her staff is te best and her customer were most receptive and excited about the Portuguese Style of Knitting. I was a great pleasure to teach such a fun and enthusiastic group. Pictures will follow.

Come back later for my pictures of finished projects and the last events.  One more thing: I am “Portugueselady” on Ravelry now. Pictures will be there as well…


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