All ABout Socks Portuguese Style

To attend the request of many of my students and customers, I brought my DVD “All About Sock Portuguese Style” back. Here is my description: If you like to knit socks, you are going to love it even more knitting Portuguese Style! Learn how Andrea knit her socks: she demonstrates here 3 different cuffs, 3 […]

Trip to Peru again!

I promised to tell you all about my trip to Peru and I will! Even though I have 3000 pictures to share, I won’t share them all. After visiting Chinchero, we explored Cuzco and vicinities. Of course we had to go to Machu Picchu! I will share the info from the company we used which […]

Trip to Peru Continued

I promised I would write about my trip to Peru and what I have learned there. Of course knitting and textiles were my main purpose of sight seeing, but I have learned so much more. People are so humble and friendly and in every contact with a Peruvian, it reminded me I should be like […]

Knitting Kits

Recently I had the idea of publishing and selling a kit for a design of mine. I thought it would be a great idea, since knitter’s love to have the same yarn the designer used, but I have not sold too many.  So I am writing this post to take your opinion on kits and […]

It has been so long!

It has been a long time. I am suppose to start a blog on my own website but technically it is more difficult that this one, especially to load pictures, so I have not been writing. This summer has been a wonderful one in every way! The weather in OHIO is very pleasant and we […]

Testimonial from Tara

I have received this email today and I wanted to share with you. It made my day! I have Tara’s permission to do so. “Good Morning, Andrea. I have been working on a shawl using the PK style and the three stitches you demonstrated on youtube, were the exact three that I needed to do […]